SLiC Dirt

Let’s get dirty! Winding forest trails and steep canyons, ocean views and almost endless sunny skys are the hallmarks of Vandenberg Mountain Biking. SLiC will help you get to know the routes and if you are a beginner we’ll help you learn the skill neccessary to fully enjoy the ride.


Motorized Vehicles are not allowed on VSFB trails. Motorcycles and electric bikes are included in this. Only Class 1 e-Bikes are welcome on the trails. Please be considerate of other trail users. All trails are multi-use and that includes hikers, trail runners and equestrians.

Here are the classifications for e-Bikes:

Class 1: have only pedal assistance up to 20mph.

Class 2: have pedal assistance up to 20mph + throttle assistance up to 20mph.

Class 3: have pedal assistance up to 28mph + may or may not have throttle assistance up to 20mph.

Class 4: may have a top speed of over 28mph and motor wattage over 750W.

Wall Beach #1 - 18 miles

Start at Cocheo Park: Telephone, Cable West, Mesa Loop, Shale Hill, Wall Beach - Then turn back: Shale Hill, John’s Trail, Cable West, Cable East, Fitness Trail, Dogleg, Cocheo Park

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