SLiC Cycling

Our purpose is to promote all types of cycling in and around Vandenberg AFB. The by-laws of SLiC list nine areas all our efforts are focused on. They are:

1. To promote the use of bicycles, to include education on how to ride bicycles;

2. To promote bicycle safety and provide safety education;

3. To promote awareness of bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities on public and Air Force base thoroughfares;

4. To organize, conduct, and support bicycling events;

5. To provide instruction as to the care and maintenance of bicycles;

6. To provide instruction as to the construction and care of ethical multi-use trails;

7. To maintain an active and supportive role in the community.

8. To provide assistance to military members in and around the local area including support of wounded and recovering veterans through cycling events and equipment.

9. To provide instruction in bicycle fitness including nutrition, exercise and cycling training programs. 

Our Board of Directors

Dan Ardoin - President

Tim McIntyre - Vice President

Jeremy Chase - Secretary

Robert Jette - Treasurer

Rob Cameron - Director, Social Media