SLiC Activities

There’s always plenty to do! The first Saturday of the month there is a SLiC work day. Get involved in maintaining sustainable trails, learn from trail experts. Does your bike need some TLC? We can help. Interested in getting more people to enjoy riding, improve fitness, bicycle commute? Plan a race or event for all types of cycling. Help with fundraising and assist our military and wounded warriors through cycling groups and events.

Join our group as a supporting member, $40 per year or $10 per quarter.

$50 will help with educational materials.

$80 will buy a tool for trail or bicycle maintenance.

$100 will purchase badly needed material for our sustainable trail network.

Donate an old bicycle and we will fix it up and give it to a military family.

Check out the new "Jump Trainer"!

Located behind housing - a great practice jump. SLiC can help you up your skills, safely!